IRIS 2.0 Dashboard – User’s Manual (PDF)

IRIS 2.0 Dashboard – Explore the Newest Features (Video Tutorial)

IRIS 2.0 Landing Page – User’s Manual (PDF)

IRIS 2.0 Landing Page - All You Need to Know (Video Tutorial)

File Your Tax Returns – User Guide (PDF)

File Your Tax Returns – A Step-by-Step Guide (Video Tutorial)

How to Pay the Tax on Immovable Property – User Guide (PDF)

Sales Invoice Template (MS Excel)

Sales Tax Annex H Template (MS Excel)

Purchase Invoice Template (MS Excel)

Import Sales Invoices (PDF)

Import Sales Invoices (Video Help)

Filing of New Sales Tax and Federal Excise Return (PDF)

Purchase Invoice Management (PDF)

Purchase Invoice Management (Video)

Null Sales Tax and Federal Excise Return (PDF)

Null Sales Tax and Federal Excise Return (Video Help)

Sales Invoice Management (PDF)

Sales Invoice Management (Video Help)

Valuation of Property Links (MS Excel)

Registration (PDF)

Withholding Tax (PDF)

Wealth Statement (PDF)

Wealth Statement (Video Help)

Income Tax Return (PDF)

Income Tax Return (Video Help)

Withholding Tax Statement Template (MS Excel)

Withholding Tax Statement (Video Help)